Bible verses can do wonder and can answer to every questions that might come across in our lives, whether you are a child, a teenager, a father or a mother. Christians believe in this that reading one Bible verse a day can have wonderful effects in their day to day lives.

We are taught how to live and how not to live a life in Bible verses. The Bible practically covers every topic in our life, about marriage, family, love, communication, poetry, money, possession, and the future of men and women. We cannot see God physically but He has given us words of wisdoms that console us when we are sad, rejoices with us when we are happy, that temper us with calmness to make us human beings, and these words of wisdom are coursed through the Bible.

The Bible teaches us to live us as humans, not just in words, but with gained knowledge. There are several verses in the Bible that remind us how God would want us to face circumstances in life and how to treat ourselves in facing adversities. The verses in the Bible that you read in your leisure time will remind you and will come to your aid as you face any situation in your life. Reading even one Bible verse every day can make you count your blessings in the coming days and give you strength as you face different odds that come to our lives. You can read more about Bible scriptures at

Christians are generally observed to start their day by having a quiet time of reflection by reading the Bible. This simple yet powerful ritual or one may call has become a habit, would get them focused and be empowered in facing the new day. Imagine to read at least one verse a day, and you will get to read 365 verses in your year. 

You can find in several books too some Bible verses, like in Christian books. So people who do not read the Bible will at least be able to read these words of God as they read these other Christian reading materials. Other materials like a calendar has a verse a day printed on it that you easily and quickly read as you pass by or just sitting in your office. We are encouraged in the Bible to rely not only in our intelligence to solve our problems, but also to listen to these words of wisdom that can help us realize a different angle or perspective in our daily lives. For more information, click on this link: